PAC Annual Report 2006-2007


Public Affairs Centre is now in its second decade of operations. While the first decade was marked by a series of small but significant innovations and experiments, the challenge before us now is of scaling up these tested concepts and practices nationally, alongside our emphasis on generating new ideas and knowledge. We have also moved to a permanent and a larger campus ; we are hopeful that it will provide the perfect setting for our staff to be more creative and focused in their work.

A key strategy in the coming years will be to work through partners in different parts of India; we are already witnessing evidence of this in Bangalore, where today there are many new and active networks building on the initial work carried out by the Centre. We strongly believe that our pioneering ideas like citizen report cards, electoral probity approaches and civic clubs are slowly but surely finding moorings in civil society initiatives across the country.

We are also grateful to our funding partners and associates for continuing to support us in our endeavours to im prove the quality of governance in India.

Public Affairs Centre – Anual Report – 2006-2007 [PDF]

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